No Dairy Creamy Coffee

I have been experimenting with what I eat for a few months trying to gain some improvement in my health. New foods that are on my “avoid” list are potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, vinegar, and most seeds, so my addiction to tacos and mashed potatoes (not eaten together) is stretching my ability to stick with it. One thing I have been reluctant to give up, however, is coffee. I instead have cut down my consumption and found a way to boost my nutrition with my morning cup o’ joe.
Keto and Paleo adherents are probably familiar with the concept of “bulletproof” coffee. It is an odd combination of grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coffee blended to make a frothy concoction similar to a café latte that some use as a breakfast replacement. The butter and MCT oils provide beneficial medium chain triglycerides, vitamins and healthy fat. It is surprisingly tasty, but I am sticking to a dairy free diet as part of my get healthier regimen. I also do not usually eat breakfast, and I was looking for a quick way to get some extra collagen and protein into my morning routine.
On a whim I combined a scoop of coconut oil, a shot of MCT oil, a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin and a cup of pour over coffee in my blender. It whipped up nicely and created a creamy and frothy coffee. This concoction quickly became part of my morning routine. I originally purchased the Norpro Mini Whisk to attempt to make mayonnaise in the field with egg crystals, (eggs are off the menu for now) but I found the battery-operated latte whip works just as well and is much less cleanup! Now I can have my own version of non-dairy bullet proof coffee in the field.

Easy Instructions!

Add about a tablespoon of Gelatin, coconut oil, and MCT oil to your Favorite Coffee ( I like pour over coffee  Ravensbrew Deadmans Reach) and blend!

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