Lived Experiences or Phenomenology

I came across an entry in the diary in which Gusta uses a derogatory term for the African American woman who works for the family that was common parlance of the day. What do you think as a reader of history – should I use the language of the day? I can definitely get the point across without using derogatory language, but is that speech part of the ethos of a girl living in 1874?
I am also working on another fictional short story that is based on a true story, in which racial or ethnic slurs would illustrate the underling racist bias that motivates the character. Does the fact that this is a work of fiction change your view as a reader?
Let me know what you think – leave a comment or send me a private message.
Next week I will be back to my normal weekly blog posts. I got my contest entry in and I will post that on my Patreon feed at the end of March when the contest is completed.

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